Today’s material closeup features EcoCocon, and their wood-straw structural and insulation panels.

These panels offer an eco-friendly alternative to energy-intensive insulation materials such as fiberglass or foam. Not only are they made from annually renewable and biodegradable materials (up to 98%),but they also have a lower carbon footprint compared to other insulation products, making them an ideal choice for environmentally conscious construction projects.

EcoCocon’s wood-straw panels provide excellent thermal andacoustic insulation, thanks to the straw’s natural cellularstructure and the panel’s airtight seal. Coming in prefabricatedunits, both in standard and custom lengths, the panels are assembledunder precisely controlled conditions to ensure the best fit for theproject. With both a Cradle to Cradle and the German PassivhausInstitute’s certifications, EcoCocon is fully embracing thepositive change the built environment needs.

Lars Keller, the Director of EcoCocon DK shared his thoughts about the industry and need for bio-based materials. In his words: “Every day the sun shines, plants breathe in carbon dioxide from the air and drink water out of the ground. Some of this we can harvest, sharing these resources with all the other creatures under the sun. With this sun-grown harvest we get food, feed, fire and building materials. From the building materials we can build healthy, comfy, beautiful homes. The world is big, but not endless.We have to behave, consider the other, be kind, not greedy.”

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